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Mattress prices fluctuate even by several hundreds euro. This difference results mainly from the type of materials they are made of. Is it worth buying a cheap mattresses online? Why do some cost as much as the equivalent of a small used car? Do these super expensive mattresses really provide super comfort and the best quality of sleep? Let’s check it out!

Some of the cheaper mattresses available on the market are those based on bonelk springs. They consist of joined together hourglass-shaped springs, covered for safety reasons with a protective layer made of foam, felt, seagrass or horsehair. In the bonellin insert, the springs are connected to each other with a wire. This rigid connection makes the bonell mattress flexible in surface. The forces acting on the mattress during use are distributed evenly over its entire surface. The surface elasticity negatively affects the adjustment of the mattress to the anatomy of the body. When two people sleep on one bonell mattress and one of them changes position during sleep, the other feels the waving of the mattress surface, there is a sea wave effect. A mattress of such a structure does not adjust to the shape of the body, thus not providing adequate support for the spine. Prices of bonell mattresses start from 60 euro. The savings are only seeming. Lack of proper sleeping comfort translates into problems with the locomotor system, muscle pains that cannot regenerate during sleep and insomnia.