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Latex mattresses are characterized by high flexibility, provided by a latex insert. The mattress adapts well to the body, and when we get out of bed it quickly regains its original form. The mattress is filled by combining rubber milk with synthetic latex. The more natural latex in the composition of the mattress, the better the mattress is in species. The natural latex content should be more than 20%. The highest quality and most expensive latex mattresses have 80% natural latex in their composition.

The porous structure of natural latex ensures the free flow of air and, consequently, man does not sweat during sleep. The high content of natural latex guarantees good antifungal and antibacterial properties of the mattress. For this reason, latex mattresses are recommended for allergy sufferers. Latex mattresses should be more than 12 cm thick. 


– the mattress is very flexible, so it provides adequate support for the spine, and thus healthy and comfortable sleep, 

– the latex mattress does not deform under the influence of weight, so it is suitable for use in double beds, 

– due to its high elasticity the mattress is suitable for movable frames.

-you can buy this kind of mattress online or in furniture stores in dublin


 – a latex mattress with too high a content of artificial inset will lose its airiness and antibacterial properties, so it is important that the content of natural inset is at least 20%, 

– high price compared to spring mattresses.