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The pocket mattress is a more advanced type of spring mattress. Individual springs are placed here in special fabric pockets, so the work of one spring does not affect the other. What does this change for you? A mattress of this type is more flexible, it adapts well to the shape of the body and – what is especially important if we sleep together – the change in the position of the person sleeping next to it is not as noticeable as in other types of mattresses. Pocket mattresses react to body pressure in points and provide comfort while sleeping. 

The number of springs in the pocket mattresses affects the elasticity and better adjustment of the mattress to the shape of the user’s body. It is worth paying attention to the type of cover, i.e. the material with which the springs are covered. The most popular are polyurethane foams, but there are also covers made of latex foams or coconut mattresses – the material used may additionally improve the properties of the mattress.


 – good elasticity, ensuring perfect fit to the shape of the body and adequate support of the spine during sleep.

-you can easily buy this kind of mattress online with delivery

– Thanks to the separation of individual springs, the pocket mattress works exceptionally well in double beds, even if there is a large weight difference between the users. 


– quite high price, especially when combined with a simple spring (bonel) mattress.