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Spring mattresses (bonnell) are made of special combined springs, bending under the weight of the sleeping person. This is one of the most traditional types of mattresses – in the past they were only covered with a thin layer of foam and it happened that after some time they would break through the upholstery. Today, bonel springs are covered with a special protective layer, which prevents the springs from getting out. This is usually made up of coconut fibre, horsehair or seagrass and is often combined with a top layer of polyurethane foam. 

The springs in the mattresses are joined together in coils – the more springs, the thicker and more elastic the mattress is. It is also worth noting the quality of the wire used. Thicker wire is a better quality mattress. The highest quality spring mattresses are made of 2.2 mm diameter wire. 

Advantages of spring mattresses

– low price 

– can be easily bought in furniture stores dublin

Disadvantages of spring mattreses

– mattresses of this type have low point elasticity 

– the springs are connected to each other, so when you press the mattress at one point it bends over a larger area,

 – spring mattresses with an appropriate protective layer are usually hard.